Baskin Robbins Scoops Up The Region With More Than 500 Stores

DUBAI, August 28th 2011: UAE’s largest selling ice-cream giant, Baskin Robbins stays the market leader in this region, despite the growing challenges and rising commodity costs this year. Baskin Robbins has over 500 stores in the Middle East, including 135 in the UAE and is all set to open another 70 such stores in this region this year.
Overall, revenue is up 15 per cent this year and same store growth is up 6- 7 per cent in the first seven months of the year, compared with the same period last year.

Baskin Robbins has adapted to the rising costs and maintained the same prices for its customers in the UAE. Despite an 8 per cent increase in the company’s cost base with the costs for cream and sugar rising by 65 per cent, Baskin Robbins has kept the end prices constant. The recent recession had left a lot of its competitors struggling to keep up, but Baskin Robbins has proved its robust strength and resilience as the market leader in this region.

The company is aggressively expanding its presence in the UAE this year, with spends upto USD 100000 (AED 367290) to USD 150000 to set up the 70 new stores.

Baskin Robbins has also plans to widen its existing low fat and sugar free flavour range. Other than this, there are several new products in the pipeline including the launch of ice cream cakes in slices.

With 500 stores and counting, Baskin Robbins is the undisputed leader in the UAE market where as its closest competitors fall short by hundreds of stores. In terms of pricing and product innovation, Baskin Robbins tops the charts again with its constant reinvention and delicious offerings.