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We are known for our 31 flavor concept- that is a different flavor for each day of the month. What began as an immense hit years ago continues to strike a fun-filled rapport with the thousands of ice cream lovers in the Gulf region. We take pride in satisfying our loyal patrons. Just as Irv Robbins rightly said, “We sell fun, not just ice cream”.


It all started way back in 1947 in California, USA when two brothers-in-law Burton “Burt” Baskin and Irvine “Irv” Robbins decided to team up and give birth to “Baskin Robbins”. Burt and Irv strongly believed people should have choice, so they offered 31 flavors – one for every day of the month. And they believed people should be able to try any flavor without cost – a belief that led to the iconic pink spoon. Their ideals live on at Baskin-Robbins, where we now possess a flavor library that consists of 1200 ice cream recipes. Over all these years, we have grown not only in USA but across the world and are one of the most loved ice cream brands in the world.

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With more than 15,000 points of distribution in 45 countries worldwide, Dunkin’ Brands Inc. is renowned for its leadership in the Quick Service Restaurant business. Dunkin’ Brands Inc. is headquartered at Canton, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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